Nadex Binary Options Signals

From the office of Dex Jones:
Here at Dex Signals, It is our only mission to provide traders a simple, easy to follow service using the Largest
trading platform in the world that is subject to U.S. regulatory oversight by the CFTC, meaning a safe and secure system for US Traders!

We Use Three Forms Of Signals…

1.End Of Day Trading–
This is where we produce signals at 10 am EST to expire somewhere from 2:30 to 3:00pm depending on the pair, commodity or indices.
This type of trade is very easy to get into but hold onto your money for most of the day. Great for those that need a particular time to get
their trades. We try not to encourage Scalping (the closing of the deal to either take profit or take loss) because we design this strategy
with taking it to expiry and the ups and downs of the market. These appear in the Facebook page for now and will have a different home
which we are making.

2. Long Term Iron Condors-
These are trades that have a buy and sell side.
Sell GBP/USD > 1.5660 (11AM) Binary
Buy GBP/USD > 1.5540 (11AM) Binary
Exit: Expiration-

The above states the same signal you would see on any other trades we provide but it covers the sell and buy side of a pair, commodity
or indices.

3. Short Term Trades-
These trades have a very quick turn around – never more than an hour. They will be sent via text and email so you can get into them
quickly. We try to let you know when we are in a session and will keep you updated through our facebook group of happenings throughout
the day. News impacts these trades so we take our time and try to only get into those trades that will win. On occasion we will lose, but that
is part of the trading world.

Nadex Signals