This paper goes beyond these approaches

AcknowledgmentsWe wish to thank the editors of Environmental Science and Policy and two anonymous reviewers for their very valuable and constructive comments.
Implementation; International law; Global environmental politics; Multilevel governance; Ramsar Convention on Wetlands; Biodiversity conservation; Local public participation; Regional integration; Funding
1. Introduction
What are the processes that Triptolide shape implementation of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) in multilevel governance? This question shifts the focus from a top-down view of implementation as compliance with international rules toward viewing implementation as a system of interaction between political groups each shaping collective action (Hill and Hupe, 2003).
Multilevel dynamics of implementation for international governance efforts have been a largely ignored aspect of the policy implementation literature (Hupe, 2014). International relations literatures often use variants of the ‘goodness of fit’ argument (Mastenbroek, 2005) which argues euphotic zone implementation is fostered “from a favorable alignment of actors’ beliefs, interests and capabilities” (Peterson, 1997, p. 116).