Contrasting institutional logics The company identities we

As discussed earlier, institutional UNC1215 points to the existence of higher level institutional factors, including broad discourses, ideals and ‘institutional logics’, in shaping organizations’ images and strategies. The distinction between a so-called market logic and aesthetic logic goes a long way to explaining the observed differences between Company Global and Company Regional.
The pros and cons of a market logic versus an aesthetic logic have long been debated in the belief that they lead to virtually diametrically opposed actions and thus interactions with the environment (Dryzek, 2013). However, we emphasize relative time even within different frames there can be convergent actions. For the isomorphism in climate change responses noted above was not troubled by the existence of these contrasting logics at the level of company image and strategy. Rather, the two different logics were both used to explain the same climate change responses (Table 4).
Table 4.
4. Different vulnerabilities to climate change