Muay Thai - An Examination Of The Practice And Its History

Muay Thai is a martial art style that was introduced in Thailand and has now spread throughout the world. It's a very dynamic form of kickboxing that involves striking with the hands, feet, knees and elbows. Muay Thai, regarded as the "art of eight limbs", involves four additional limbs: your elbows and knees. The background and some little known facts about Muay Thai will be talked about in this article.

Getting back to almost 1000 years ago, Muay Thai is a really old martial art that has been with us for a while. Thailand was invaded by many different countries over the centuries, and before the age of guns, fighting was close up and usually hand-to-hand. Striking tactics were very important, and the objective was to end fights as soon as possible. In its very first form, it was rather brutal, without rules or safety equipment. Head butts were often used, in addition to strikes to the groin and all other parts of the body. spring tx martial arts lessons The name Muay Thai did not come about until the 1920s, but the art has been in existence for several centuries.

Competitors in modern mixed martial arts will usually include Muay Thai into their fighting strategies. Most of the best MMA fighters incorporate a knowledge of grappling techniques, such as they learn from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with the highly effective strikes of Muay Thai. This martial art form is extremely effective when it comes to delivering powerful, knockout blows with either the hands or feet. At close range, there are not many martial arts techniques that are as effective as those found with Muay Thai. At close range, Muay Thai can hit with a knee or an elbow whereas people who practice Tae Kwon Do may need more room to be able to deliver a punch or kick. This martial art style is quite unsafe due to the close range aspect. One of the best MMA fighters of contemporary times, Anderson Silva, is proficient in Muay Thai tactics.

Muay Thai isn't just a very effective form of self defense, it requires an incredibly high level of physical conditioning. Such athletes need to have strength, flexibility and lots of endurance. To get you in form, there are a lot of fitness workouts specifically made for Muay Thai practitioners. Even if you do not want to become an expert at Muay Thai, the fitness regimen that you must follow with this particular martial art style will get you into outstanding shape. Many fitness gyms now have cardio workouts based on kickboxing, and Muay Thai is an especially strenuous form of kickboxing. Hence, even if you do not want to do kickboxing or Muay Thai, the training will definitely get you fit.

All of the world, a lot more people are experiencing Muay Thai, a kind of martial arts that has existed for a long time. It's now possible to find Muay Thai instructors in any country, and whether your aim is to learn self defense or train for MMA competitions, these techniques can be extremely helpful. Muay Thai is just as good for folks searching for a high intensity aerobic workout.