The effect of sulfur doping on RB degradation

In this study, it Epoxomicin was observed that the photocatalytic removal was faster than sonocatalysis under same condition of experiment.
In the current study the degradation of RB19 were studied by sonophotocatalysis that is visible light, ultrasonic irradiation and in presence of TiO2 or S-TiO2 catalysis. It was observed that better results can be achieved by sonophotocatalysis as compared to individual steps of sonolysis, sonocatalysis and photocatalysis under same experimental conditions. As shown in Fig. 10 the sonophotocatalytic degradation activity was higher than those of individual steps. In past jejunum was reported that TiO2 or S-TiO2 and electronic interaction between the bubbles has an important role on the results between visible light and ultrasound [26]. The main mechanism for beneficial effect of sonophotocatalysis degradation of RB19 was due to coupling sonolysis and photocatalysis which leads to an increase of OH production in the RB19 solution.equation(A.4)H2O→OH+H+andH2O2