Fig xA Average trend of air bubble

Fig. 12. Trend of the static air pressure at the inlet of the T-junction, scaled on the air superficial velocity, as a function of the ratio between the gas and liquid superficial flow velocity.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
As general comment, the results obtained in this SU11274 work by testing superficial flow velocity lower than 0.1 m/s at the inlet of a micro T-junction are in qualitative agreement with the observations obtained by other authors by analyzing the behavior of air–water mixtures within T-junctions by imposing larger values of the superficial flow velocity at the inlet.
5. Conclusions
The experimental results have evidenced protozoa the average length of the air bubbles at the outlet of the T-junction as well as the void fraction are strongly dependent on the value of the liquid superficial velocity; when the liquid superficial velocity decreases the length of the air bubbles increases and the slug regime becomes an annular regime.