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Therefore I thought, 'Yeah, right, it have to be a fraud',

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Anyhow, it said that you send $1.00 though paypal to each of the emails explained in the article.

You then place your own email address in the bottom of the record at..7, and post this article in at least 200 media groups. (There are a lot)

Therefore after considering it, I went ahead trying it.

I decided what've I got to get rid of except $7.00 little pounds, right?

Like many of us I was a little suspicious and a little worried about the legal aspects of it.

I-t uses the same rules because the 'mailed chainletters, which in line with the U.S. Post Office (1-800-725-2161) is indeed legal!

Then I used the measly $7.00.

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You'll want a tested paypal consideration.

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Because it doesn't restrict you to the amount of money I'd suggest signing up for a business account you can get.

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Like i mentoined before In order to place the $7 in to your account, you'll need to verify your bank account with paypal (which may take a couple of days).


Send, through paypal, $1.00 to each mail on the below list. Make the topic of the cost 'Email List' and in-the responses, write 'PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST.' What you are doing is making a service by this and best of all you are perhaps not giving your address to anyone... Get further on this affiliated link - Navigate to this webpage: high quality alternatives. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL!

The email list:

#1) blank

No 2) [email protected]

No 3) [email protected]

#4) [email protected]

Number 5) [email protected]

Number 6) [email protected]

#7) [email protected]