Nationally Accredited Corporation Supplies Marines With Ship To Shore Products

When you fly to your vacation destination, notice an army helicopter glide in the sky above or witness the power of a high-performance plane, consider all the parts that make them work. Most people don't realize that there is an entire industry of suppliers in the background, ensuring the safety of these essential vehicles and planes.

For instance, the same way your car has a fuel filter, air filter and oil filter, supercharged aircraft, aquatic vehicles and army choppers have their own filters that must be serviced. Part of that process is replacing a variety of specially-designed filters. And unlike the various filter systems in our personal cars, the filters in military vehicles and high performance flying machines cannot be picked up at the local auto supply shop.

Filtration systems created for military planes vary. While a particular plane may require a wire mesh filter, another may require a coalescing filter or a filter element. Just about every aircraft filter is specifically produced for the plane it is made for and does not work in other similar aircraft.

Stainless steel filters are often utilized in applications where disposable filters simply don't cut it. The stainless steel filter mesh of a these filters is made up of many layers that can withstand very high temps., greater pressure demands and corrosive chemicals that could destroy disposable filtration systems. Typical applications include choppers and army vehicles.

Now who manufactures the filters that ensure America's military vehicles or even space craft run at peak performance? AS9100 certified companies manufacture aerospace filters and other parts for the US government, such as parts used on military helicopters and the Space Shuttle. The United States military and many industrialized countries won't work with firms that are not as9100 certified, since these companies have not adopted the standard for quality necessary to ensure safety. Manufacturers that practice the proper standards are also known as NADCAP approved suppliers because they have undergone rigorous testing procedures and shown a knowledge of the functional procedures for these high-performance machines.

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