Geopathic Stress

Possibly one particular for the biggest hidden dangers right now is Geopathic Pressure. You cannot see it, taste it, smell it, really feel it or hear it but it surrounds us all. Geopathic stress itself comes in two major types, natural and unnatural. It is fundamentally the energetic fields that are emanated from numerous sources.

Organic forms of EMF contain lay lines, underwater sources, power vortex's and damaging Feng Shui lines. These have always been about us and recognized by numerous cultures, in specific the chinese and the celts. Dowsing has been the most common way to identify these power fields and has been used about the globe in various types for many centuries.

There have been several studies carried out linking these organic geopathic stress fields to illness, and in distinct cancer. Men and women who developed cancer had their home checked and it was discovered that dowsers could choose up unfavorable power fields in areas they spent massive amounts of time, usually via the bed. Study was then performed on who had previously lived there and it was identified that there was a really higher incidence of earlier occupants dying from cancer.

It is not just cancer but a entire range of illnesses and troubles that have been linked to geopathic stress. For other viewpoints, we know people check-out: Geopathic Stress And EMF Radiation: Silent Killers eBook Debut by Karen Mileson. These incorporate ME, depression, insomnia, headaches, back discomfort, and anxiety. Even so the previous hundred years we have seen a rise in the geopathic pressure due to the big amounts of electrical equipment now employed.

It is estimated that the ambient EMF pollution has elevated more than 200 million times in the past century. In the event people wish to get more about, we know of many libraries people can investigate. This level increases to more than 1 billion instances in city centre's. An experiment with bumble bees showed them going crazy and attacking every other when exposed to higher EMF fields, a rather scary similarity to our own culture in numerous ways.

I ask men 'would they put their testicles in a microwave?', and the answer is of course no. I then ask if they carry a cell phone in their trouser pocket, to which the answer is usually yes. What is the distinction? Nicely essentially the time it requires them to cook. This is a little as well close to the truth for comfort.

Cell phones emit frequencies in the micro wave range, so do microwaves, hence their name. Now agreed a microwave has a lot greater radiation level but thermal image scans on the brain have showed that it also heats up when using a mobile phone. In reality 2 minutes wants 1 hour for the effects to totally lessen. Feel about that. It indicates that a lot of individuals are actually 'hot headed' the complete day!

Now I know cell phones get a lot of negative press, and possibly a little unfairly when you consider how undesirable cordless phones are, and worse nonetheless hairdryers. The reality of the matter is every electrical device provides off some thing. So take an average workplace worker.

Very first they make their toast, in a toaster. Not as well poor if they are not standing too close. To get alternative ways to look at the situation, please consider checking out: Then they drive to operate, in a automobile. Vehicles create large levels of EMF's due to the metals in the tyres, moving engine components, air conditioning, radios etc. This is the all contained in a metal cage insulated from the ground permitting it to create up. It really is no wonder so numerous individuals turn into stressed and fatigued driving. Then they arrive at function, sit in front of a personal computer, emitting radiation, below fluorescent lights, emitting radiation, take a cell phone contact, emitting radiation and on and on. They lastly drive house, in their car, and then sit in front of their Television, emitting radiation, consuming their radiated food from their microwave. And that's only a brief appear.