Grandmother Clocks - A Brief History

Long case clocks or grandmother clocks were formerly referred to as ground clocks. A song written in 1875 named 'The Grandfather's Clock' told the story of an aging floor clock that stood in the George Hotel in North Yorkshire, England. Two brothers managed the hotel. The clock started slowly dropping time instantly upon the death of the second brother, and upon the death of one of the brothers, the ground clock stopped working completely despite numerous attempts to get the clock fixed. Eventually new administration gained control of the George Hotel, but the time remained in place as a tribute to the two brothers who'd consistently managed the hotel for numerous years. The definition of 'grandmother time' caught on quickly after the music became widely known and since that time, what were originally known as ground clocks are frequently called Grandfather Clocks and are a cherished part of our culture.

Over the years there were numerous improvements to time-keeping units and grandfather clocks are no exception. In modern times, a grandfather clock can be a statement of exemplary flavor and firmly rooted tradition. Grandfather clocks can be a family group heirloom that's passed on through the decades. Grandfather clocks vary somewhat in dimensions, but are generally 6 to ten feet tall and provide a stately look to any place. You can even find smaller versions of grandfather clocks, which are called grandmother and granddaughter clocks. Individuals for centuries have passed a cherished grandfather clock in one generation to another, and there are grandfather clocks with great historical and emotional value today. Some of the earliest known grandfather clocks remain used while the designs for your grandfather clocks today we obtain. Going To globe wall clock possibly provides suggestions you can tell your uncle. You'll even be able to find newer type of the grandfather clock in varying styles and colors.

Every time you see a grandfather clock, remind your-self of where this term originated and give a little thought for the long history of these treasures and valued watches. You will be very happy to know that it is easy-to begin your own family heirloom if you do not own a grandfather clock and you'll have the ability to get the great grandfather clock in most price ranges.. If you have an opinion about scandal, you will maybe need to read about penguin wall clock.