A Photocopied Travel Letter To Property

A Photocopied Travel Letter To Property

As they drove from Traverse City, illinois to Tucson, Arizona, I wrote a series of letters, & photocopied them to send to relatives & pals. Get further on this affiliated URL - Click here: url. This was the first of the two.

Travel Letter #1

Saturday, 12/13/03 - great morning. Welcome to our holiday type letter. we are in Arizona now. The sun is shining & it will be in the sixties right now, which really should melt the ice on the windows soon. Like I Said contains extra resources concerning the reason for this enterprise. Ana's foot doesn't appear to be broken, as they thought, so they took a lengthy stroll in the desert last night. Visit commercial directv tucson to discover why to ponder this concept. they saw a coyote, almost certainly the identical two I chased the other day, & there were javelina tracks everywhere.

The library in Safford has books in french, so Ana is enjoying reading now that her eye-patch is off. The medical doctor promised that the divet left by his golf-club-like blade will heal soon. they learned that eyeballs have a lot of nerve endings, & they assume the object in her eye might have been a fiber from a yucca plant.

Our uncontrollable coughs are under manage now, & they are not amongst the ten individuals in Arizona that died from the flu this week. Oh, & the antibiotics from the Safford clinic appear to have helped with Ana's abcessed tooth.

I must start at the beginning. The initial day, immediately after dealing with the usual rudeness of the INS personnel in Detroit, they created it to Kansas. they hit a targeted traffic cone there at higher speed, & heard a horrible sound coming from below the van. The cone, I discovered, had been dragging along underneath. Nothing was broken, but later the vivid light switch stopped working.

In Farmington, New Mexico, they spent a few days resting & coughing. Browsing To the link maybe provides tips you might use with your pastor. they had been about an hour away from buying a property when they discovered it needed new wiring, had a garden hose attached to the natural gas line, & other issues they missed on our first visit. The new bloke begged me to buy it, referred to as our motel space to tell me they needed funds for open-heart surgery in two days, & named once more to reduce the value, but they moved on. By the way, the property was to be a winter project, not a new residence.

Fortunately, they drove during daylight following that. In the Colorado mountains they went from 16 to 20 miles-per-gallon, confusing the sensors & causing the check engine light to turn on. they effectively ignored it till it changed it is mind.

Steve & Ana

Monument Valley was gorgeous, the Christmas parade in Holbrook was cute, & regardless of several difficulties & illnesses, we are possessing a fantastic time. You see, I didn't require to make you all jealous, so I left out a lot - the continual sun, the stunning sculptures in Grand Junction, & the nine instances we've been in hot springs in Colorado, New Mexico, & Arizona. Next week we are going to Mexico for lunch. Hope all is well in arizona. Adios,.