Power Adapter getting scorching hot

I have a 5 yr old Dell Inspiron XPS gaming laptop that has really not given me any problems. It uses the 150 Watt power adapter. The problem I'm encountering is the power adapter gets really hot when I use one of the USB HDs for very long. Can anyone suggest a fix besides disconnecting the HD and letting it cool off?

If all the 3 adapters were used with their own dell studio 17 power adapter end cable (meaning different tips to the laptop), you can eliminate the adapter side as problem. Battery replacement didn't do any good, then the isolated part is the laptop itself. Symptom seems to be caused by over-current. Of the laptop, you can think about the following components as suspects:

- Software: Most laptops have built-in charging algorithms. Rarely this can malfunction, failing to oversee charging cycle. Locate it, and update to the latest driver.

- Other hardware: Run a diagnostic program monitoring hardware temperature. CPU/HDD/Memory/Board can be overheated, transferring the heat to the cable tip.

- Plug port may be obstructed by some foreign object, increasing resistance and heat there. I've never seen this before, but a pure speculation.

Turns out it there was alot of dirt in the a/c adapter hole, i shoved a cloth is and took out all this black coloured dirt, Thanks for the help mate! I never would of thought of that, i was thinking its more technically related like a loose wire, or something along those lines. Cheers buddy