Increase Your Produce And Use Forage Chopper Grinder

The use of machinery has great influence on the produce of both your field and farm. Even the final products of grains produced, or the diary milk can be greatly influenced by the use of appropriate machinery. High demand for farm produce necessitates the use of such machinery to increase the yield. A competitive market too is a motivating factor to implement the use of machinery in both fields as well as farms. The economic growth of the individual as well as the state as a whole depends a lot on the amount as well as the quality of field and farm produce.

Good cattle silage

You may have a small farm with a small herd, but its optimal produce of milk depends greatly on the type of fodder that they feed on. Bringing raw and unprocessed fodder material to the farm, and then have them chopped manually, apart from wasting manual help for some other farm use, has other problems too. The fodder will not be cut uniformly and lead to bad digested food for the cattle. The use of Forage Chopper Grinder.can minimize the problem by providing uniformly cut fodder.

Fodder from any food

In case you need silage fodder for your cattle, these machines are ideal for making them too. A large quantity of silage food for animals can be made with the minimum use of skilled labor in less time. The cutting of sunflower, sorghum, whether dried or green, maize stalk and Napier are made easy with these machines. Moreover, the machine makes use of chaff cutter which reduces food wastage too. You can opt for the two-in-one chopper and grinder when you have fodder material such as wheat, oats and barley. While cutting the forage crops, they maintain the uniform grinding quality too. Well-digested fodder will help the herd give more milk.

The sweet option

Those of you engaged in sugarcane farming, and eager to supply farm-made sugarcane juice, and jaggery products, can choose either a heavy duty or lighter SUGAR CANE CRUSHER.Depending on the type of commercial setup that you have in mind, you can invest in the machine that has a higher horse power for greater output capacity. A heavy duty machine would approximately give you crushing capacity of seven hundred to one thousand kilograms per hour with about sixty to sixty-five extraction capacity. Depending on your convenience and ready availability of power resource you can operate these machines with a diesel engine, your tractor or use an electric motor.

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