How to Take Care of an Overheating Power Adapter

What to do, what to do?

I love my laptop. Sometimes I think I use it more than I should, such as when try to move my charger cable only to find that my adapter is piping hot!

I have a dv8000 and dv9000 both bricks get so hot I cannot touch them hp pavilion dv series and also am afraid of the fire hazard. Hp says its normal. I say its ridiculous. One is a 65watt (dv8000), the other is a 90watt (dv9000), and in charging mode both get that hot. What model do you have?

I have a small wood box i use to prop the brick up so it does not make the carpet so hot!... this is for my c500 though... don't know why it gets that hot... the computer seems to get very hot to... to the point i have to take it off my legs!Absolutely, the best thing you can do is to allow the PSU to cool naturally, don't try to cool it quicker as doing so may cause damage (if it's not already damaged). Allow it to cool fully before attempting to use it again, and monitor your laptop and the supply when first using it in case it has been damaged.

This is a fairly old question but I have a rather unique solution. Buy a good laptop fan just for the power brick, it won't provide so much cooling that it will cause damage but will keep it running at a reasonable temprature. I own both an ASUS ROG gaming laptop and an Alienware one as well. Both power supplies have heat issues.

Personaly I use a box fan leaning at an angle against the wall and I have made a support to hold the psu against the fan. This keeps it very cool.

The picture I attached is an older setup in which I used the power cables size to hold it on the fan! (also the psu has feet which fit in the fan notches