How much E-Cigarette can save you over tobacco cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are becoming a trend these days, basically due to the impression (or fact) that it is healthier and way less costly than traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Although E-Cigarettes are not confirmed to be 100% safe (yet), it is certain that it is free of those confirmed harms tobacco cigarettes will bring to its smokers. As for cost reduction, tobacco cigarettes industry is virtual monopoly, while E-Cigarettes are tax free (for now). And with the industry development, the material cost will be lowered down, the price of Ecig will own more prevailing advantage over tobacco cigarettes. 

Let us find out exactly how much it can save you. Assume you are a regular one pack per day tobacco smoker, the median price for a pack of cigarettes is $6~$8. Your monthly and yearly cost will be $180~$240 and $2160~$2880 respectively.  The average cost of an e-cig cartridge is about $2.50 – almost 1/3 the cost! Generally, one e-cigarette cartridge equates to one pack of cigarettes in terms of using time. Even after you include the cost of a starter kit (ranging from $20 to $100), the savings are substantial in monthly term. 

Beside from the direct cost reduction, E-Cigarette also brings much indirect savings, such as less hospital health care cost, less sick leaves at work and better performance in many aspects of life. 
It is unsure if E-Cigarettes are the futures of smoking for now, while let’s participate in this trend when it provides such benefits on both health and economic cost.