Using search engine gateway better to find your information

Today, I desire to share with you how I use search engine gateway to find information. For those of you who know the word search engine gateway for the very first time, I highly recommend you to see this article What's search engine gateway? I wrote before and visit Navinos site to determine how it works.

Place it in simple, by adding a quick search name, which shows one website, prior to the search key words, I will search numerous search engines with just one search box. In case you claim to dig up further on blogger seo, there are thousands of online libraries people can investigate. Search engine entry gets the search name data and forwards me towards the pre-defined search engine. As an example, Navino defines w as Googles website search engine. So if I need to search anything on Linux, I just use w Linux in my search field and the search gate way would forward me to Googles website search engine with the keyword Linux.

Navino has defined some search names for most popular search engines. These search engines are given with one-letter search names for easy use. We discovered check this by searching Bing. A number of them are Weather.coms climate information, Yahoos stock information, Google, and dictionary.coms book search. Navino also allows you to propose search names for some websites, but those search names are required to be accepted for vast community interesting only.

Sometimes, a number of search engines I do want to use aren't in Navinos public search name database. Therefore, Navino also allows me to establish individual research names for personal use only. These research names aren't needed to be approved and may be used immediately after define.

An additional technique when I use search engine gateway is, I establish personal search names being a short-cut to my favorite sites. For example, I identified h for When I want to check my email, I just put h in the search-box and the gate way will forward me accordingly to the hotmail internet site.

I am hoping this article can help you to utilize se entrance better and smarter. And I also want to hear from you about your story how-to use internet search engine gateway in-the near future. Appreciate!.