Survival Suggestions - Top Tips to Survive in Any Scenario

One of the most important survival suggestions I can provide you in any survival scenario is to "Think FIRST"

Generally what occurs to a individual when they are put into a scenario that they seldom discover themselves that they panic. When time is of the essence, panic is not an choice. So how do we get to the point of being in a position to not panic when placed in a life or death situation or some type of survival situation?

The answer is to become knowledgeable about first help and survival techniques.

These go hand in hand really.In most instances when someone has been placed in a survival situation (other than simply becoming lost) they have gotten to that place simply because of some occasion that was usually beyond their control. I am speaking of a vehicle accident or a slip on a rock face or some thing comparable.

In most instances initial help response in necessary as the first option of priorities.

survival skills

The very best defense is to have a good offense.With that said...(Right here is another survival tip)...What if you had been ready beforehand by taking a initial help class of some sort. Or study a initial aid handbook and had a least the fundamentals of what it requires to maintain your self or somebody else alive?

If that were accurate your mind would almost automatically shift into that mode and you would not have time to panic.

You would nearly instinctively go straight into the initial aid mode and start the necessary checks of yourself or your patient. Checking the airway (breathing) and heart beat (Pulse) to check for proper function.Then you would do a check for consciousness and shock, and do this nearly automatically without panic.