The painting symbolizes Faith, from the story of "FAITH, LOVE, TIME and DR. LAZARO" by Gregotio Brillantes. Faith is one of the theme of the story which I think is the most salient of all. It happened that Dr. Lazaro, one of the character in the story, loses his faith(job and family) but regain it by his son's faith in God. Faith is everyone's strong belief or trust; belief in God; loyalty to duty or to a person or thing. Faith is to hope for things which are not seen, but which are true; is kindled by hearing the testimony of those who have faith.


"You baptized the child, didn't you, Ben?"

"Yes, Pa." The boy kept in step beside him.

He used to believe in it, too, the power of the Holy Spirit washing away original sin, the purified soul made heir of heaven.

"Lay baptism, isn't that the name for it?"

"Yes," Ben said. "I asked the father, the baby hadn't been baptized."



"Bininyagan mo ang bata, hindi ba Ben?"

"Opo Pa." Ang lalaki palapit sa gilid niya.

Siya ay naniniwala din dito, sa kapangyarihan ng Espiritu Santo, nakakalinis ng unang sala, nagpapalinis ng kaluluwa galing sa tagapagmana ng langit.

"Likhang binyag, hindi ba ang tawag doon?" 

"Oo," sabi ni Ben. "Tinanong ko ang ama, ang bata hindi pa nabinyagan."


I used the both method and I encountered some difficulties translating the lines but I cope up with it.