Geopathic Tension

There have been a lot of research carried out linking these organic geopathic pressure fields to illness, and in distinct cancer. Folks who developed cancer had their residence checked and it was discovered that dowsers could pick up adverse energy fields in places they spent big amounts of time, usually via the bed. If you have an opinion about data, you will probably wish to research about Geopathic Stress And EMF Radiation: Silent Killers eBook Debut by Karen Mileson. Research was then carried out on who had previously lived there and it was identified that there was a really high incidence of preceding occupants dying from cancer.

It really is not just cancer but a complete range of illnesses and issues that have been linked to geopathic anxiety. These include ME, depression, insomnia, headaches, back discomfort, and stress. Nevertheless the previous hundred years we have seen a rise in the geopathic tension due to the huge amounts of electrical gear now utilized.

It is estimated that the ambient EMF pollution has increased more than 200 million occasions in the past century. This level increases to over 1 billion times in city centre's. An experiment with bumble bees showed them going crazy and attacking each and every other when exposed to high EMF fields, a rather scary similarity to our personal culture in a lot of approaches.