Internet marketing in 2015 and beyond – my thoughts and views

Internet marketing in 2015 and beyond – my thoughts and views

Although Internet marketing is about as old as the Internet, since few days many people are earning quite a lot with it. I’M  this post, I'm going to talk about how you can do with the right way Since many are trying to do their best to find a reasonable way of doing it correctly.


Following are the ways that are very much known: –
I would only emphasise on those ways that are popular and make really good amount of money, so don't think that I will talk more about stuff like domain marketing and so on.


1.making money with blogging

This is a very simple, just create a blog or something that you know about. Find products that are related to your audience and start selling to them. You can also add AdSense ads to your website so that when visitors come to your site then they can click on the ads and make you some money.


2.making money with YouTube

It’s also quite well known as YouTube is a very good source of traffic. I would not talk much about this because it is very well known, and you can just go and upload some videos that people like. After uploading videos, you will receive money if they get the views from YouTube using their service that is same as AdSense.


3.making money with such engine optimization


It’s quite tricky but is a good option to choose if you want to make money for long-term. You just have to find the right keyword using keyword tools like Traffic Travis and so scout. Find lots of longtail keywords using these tools and rank them using other Seo tools like GSA search engine ranker.

You must remember that search engine optimization is also a process that provides instant results, rather it’s a long haul. You have to stick,in order to rank and bank. I would recommend to not buy any Seo package before you truly understand what should be done and how they are doing it. Once you understand the process, it is very easy to find the right guy who can do that for you. If you are thinking that just by buying some Seo package you will rank then, you are mistaken. I would not recommend such type of mistake since it has bloomed many and making them thought that such engine optimization was just a bluff.

I would not go into details of each and everything, but you can also join some forums like blackhatworld and warrior This thing will set you up but remember if you take it as be you won't succeed, but if you take it as a business, your success will definitely be real.