Axis Capital Group Indonesia Released Its Own Excavators

Axis Capital Group Indonesia Released Its Own Excavators

Since its expansion to Jakarta, Axis Capital Group, a Singaporean-based company which sells and rents capital equipment all over Asia has been simultaneously releasing machineries to clients, members and partners. The equipment is first introduced in Singapore before finally distributed to Axis’ sub-unit.


Earlier this month, its Indonesian counterpart has released its own share of excavators provided by the growing local manufacturers in the archipelago. This time, Singapore is to import the same set of products from Indonesia, the first of many more independent moves from Axis Indonesia.


With its partnership to Caterpillar Indonesia, Hitachi Asia Indonesia, Volvo, Hyundai and John Deere Indonesia, Axis Capital Group Indonesian-based introduced its own set of excavators produced locally. Volvo L180F, Deere 650D and Cat 365C are among Jakarta’s latest list. Some clients also made some reviews on the latest independence of Axis’ Indonesian counterpart and numerous testimonials showed positive response to its services and products.


One of the most in-demand brands among the list is Volvo’s Compact excavators. It does not only promise safe use of but also easy maintenance and damage control features. Many clients also attest the machineries’ durable long life.


Hyundai also has its own share of supporters as it promises standard features which range from interactive, adjustable and haptic-controlled system and operating technology. Control improvements are also integrated in Hyundai’s excavators as well as cycle speeds. Most machines also feature a more powerful climate-control system with improved air efficiency and temperature response, 15-percent more capacity, improved defrost capacity and more airflow mode selections.


John Deere’s pride, 650D LC is one of the two heaviest D-series excavators produced. Despite their large façade, client can be rest assured that they have a balanced strength. This model also uses Deere’s Powerwize III engine hydraulic management system for crisp, responsive hydraulic power. The system is designed to optimize the flow rate for whatever function you’re using.


Caterpillar 365C on the other hand is putting the operator’s comfort in its priority list. An all new-cab system provides improve visibility and new technology. With all the warnings of the increase number of operators being injured or dead while on the field, Cat has made sure to secure its manpower. The engine is also being improved for a higher performance and capability. The purchase of Cat 365C also provides buckets of tools which includes couplers, hammers and shears and more variety of work tools in case of emergency needs.