The Many Industries Which Use PVC

In the 21st century plastic parts are all around us, from the computer cables that connect us to the internet, to the electrical wiring and conduits that wind around our houses and businesses, to the endless plastic parts on the dashboards of our vehicles. The majority of plastic is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and manufactured by PVC composition companies in facilities around the world and throughout the US.

Chemical engineers are able to change the molecular composition of rigid chemical compounds to create rigid PVC compounds that don't bend easily or flexible PVC that if often used for pliable tubing or other flexible applications. The uses for PVC plastics really are endless and include home, business, and manufacturing products including:

Automotive Parts - shifting knobs, gaskets for doors, seals for windows or sun roofs, console molding, trim, wires

Industrial - grips, handles, knobs, hoses, tubing, suction cups, grommets, vacuum cleaner parts

Medical - tubes, flexible tubing, food IVs. Compounds used in medicinal applications use medical grade PVC plastics developed to maintain sanitary and safe conditions.

Building/Construction - weather stripping, window sealing, outside trimming pieces

Wires & Cabling - refrigerator wires, communications cables, automobile cables and wiring

Electrical - power cords, wiring harnesses, boots for battery terminals, covers

Consciousness for the environment in today's world have led to the development of phthalate plasticizers free pliable PVC compounds that are safer to utilize in children's toys and vinyl compounds that come in contact with food.