LED lighting new organization models and frequent enterprise appropriate "transformation"

In current years, each the LED light(vms) supply strikes occur, OLED technology, intelligent property along with other new products and technologies, electrical energy supplier or idea, "O2O" mode, the "Internet" idea, the new channel mode organization model. They're a reflection of an imminent trend - "transformation."


LED lighting industry transformation, the transformation does not mean a simple product, however the production program, management method appropriate "transformation."


LED lighting industry(speed limit sign) called transition, but upgrading the surface on the product, not yet deep in to the gene enterprises to go, enterprises to achieve the transformation we must very first recognize transgene, to company as a complete.


LED lighting market leading solution technologies isn't the future, however the quite spot of service and solutions. Items, technologies, high quality, someday in the future will be "universal homogenization", and dealers will not rely on "mere selling products" to win, and as a result, to provide lighting options and solutions, might be the new concentrate with the business and competitors business enterprise a new way.


Notion transformation, service transformation(bus station sign), transformation is the current sector company platform, enterprise transformation suitable way, the lighting business is at the moment in transition event of the "new normal", possibly "customized", "one" along with other kinds of solutions within the kind of channels compared The traditional large circulation, retail, wholesale channels as well as other forms of benefits.