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The Constructal Design method guides the designer (in time) toward flow architectures that P50515 have greater and greater global performance for the specified flow access conditions (fluid flow, heat flow, flow of stresses, etc.). Constructal Design is about strategy, the strategy learned from seeing and applying the Constructal Law in basic flow configurations. It is about the compact lessons of optimal shape and structure, which are fundamental and universally applicable [16] and [45].
In other words, the Constructal Design is a method based on objectives and constraints (local and global) used to apply the Constructal theory. Constructal theory is the visualization that generation of flux systems configurations is a physical phenomenon [14]. This physical principle is the Constructal Law which can be intended as a generalization of a tendency of all things to flow along paths of minimal resistance. In this sense, this law has been used for several applications in all the domains of design generation and evolution in several fields: biology, physics, technology evolution, social organization, sustainability and engineering [14], [16] and [17].