The previous tests can be considered as a qualitative

The previous tests can be considered as a qualitative evaluation of the inertia emulation scheme. For the quantitative evaluation of the scheme, Hydro-Quebec's inertial response requirements for the VSWT can be used. The Hydro-Quebec's grid is asynchronous with its neighbors, and hence responsible for its own frequency regulation. In addition, due to lower inertia of the grid, frequency deviations up-to 1.5 Hz have been experienced [8]. In this Vatalanib scenario, to accommodate more generation share from the VSWT, Hydro-Quebec, with active participation from WT manufacturers, is developing a grid code requirement for the inertial response form the VSWT. The inertia emulation requirements under development are more stringent, as they treat wind power generation as conventional generation. In the latest guidelines, the inertia emulation requirement is specified with the help of four parameters: Magnitude and Duration of the injected active power, transition time from deceleration to acceleration, and reduction in WT output power during acceleration. The first two columns of Table 5 show these parameters and their specified limits as per the guidelines.