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Why I OPT FOR Latex Mattress

Not merely are these organic mattresses clear of harmful chemicals, however they offer unbeatable comfort, help and durability! We created the Purity mattress with the 3" Ease Latex layer separate, so when you place your order, you choose a comfort level and the bed mattress will arrive with it. You can select soft, moderate, or organization from the "choose choices" menu above.

When we moved we bought an OMI Organicpedic mattress from the small family retailer in PA. I directed the owner the hyperlink to your video when i thought he could be curious (he sells some other mattresses besides OMI).

They're INSANELY secure (I'm now getting the best sleep of my entire life), the wool inside is a healthy flame retardant so NO chemical compounds (Macy's doesn't want to spend the amount of money on wool materials since it's more expensive), and we couldn't end up being happier.

When we finally chosen a bed mattress and I went into buy Barry was functioning, he was also very useful, answering issues and assuring us that they don't work best latex mattress on commission so John wouldn't miss out for all your times we had been there before making a decision to purchase.

We ended buying one of the organic” latex mattresses from Ikea because we have been sleeping on a 10 season old spring bed mattress and had been in surreal pain from the springs poking through, a crater in the centre and zero help.