The growing demand of energy together with the

The relatively high levels of carbon present in the crystalline deposits were found in ratios of 5C:7O:1Si in the deposits obtained from the engines operated with biogas from the Glimepiride digesters. The ratios were substantially different in engines operated with LFG at 2:3.5:1 establishing a lower silicon presence in engines operated with biogas.
5. Conclusions
AcknowledgmentsPartial funding for this research has been provided by Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management of University of Florida (grant no UFOER00010329?) as well as the Florida International University Graduate School Dissertation Year Fellowship.
Collision risk; Bird conservation; Migration; Birds of prey; IBA birdlife; Wind turbines
1. Introduction
During the last century, bird populations have been affected by different kinds of disturbances and impacts due to man-made structures such as highways, television, radio and cell phone towers, wind farms, glass windows, and also due to human activities such as fishing and illegal shooting. The increasing mortality of birds by human cause has generated an important literature evaluating the impact of these elements on bird populations and developing the application of protective measures [10].