Lumia 940: A concept

There is a new concept of phone designers and this turns once again to the theme of Windows (Phone). Today we have a concept of a Lumia 940, or in general a new Lumia flagship model.

In February 2014, more than a year ago, Nokia presented the Lumia Icon, which was introduced shortly afterwards as Lumia 930 and came to us to Germany. Since there were no more new flagship and unlike the other manufacturers, Microsoft has decided only once against the annual rhythm. The reason is simple, because you want to wait for Windows Mobile 10 and that's just not ready yet.

But we can assume that the successor to the Lumia 930 is expected to be ready so far, at least on the hardware. This could then be presented in the autumn as Lumia 940 and coming on the market. Rumors, there are already some, where you can still see any concrete line here. This is probably just the fact that it very probably another 2-3 months (or more) to the presentation of such models back.