We note that during the spring migratory birds pass by

4.2. Flight route and passageway
There are some selected sites for the installation of wind turbines in Lebanon, which are near roads used by migratory SNX-5422 in spring and in autumn. Klaiaat and Quaraoun are two selected sites that are near a flyway used by migratory birds in spring, Daher El Baydar is near a flyway used by migratory birds in autumn. But, Marjyoun is nearly two flyway used by migratory birds, one in spring other in autumn [14]. reported that the area used as a flight route and passageway has less risk of the wind farm, and in addition migratory birds pass once a year next to almost selected sites except Marjyoun, where they pass twice a year. So the likelihood of negative impact of wind turbines on birds in these sites is low.
Although birds can detect turbines, long lines of turbines have a potential barrier effect [7]. Shorter turbine rows could reduce this effect, allowing birds to avoid them more easily. If the area is a passageway for migration birds, the rows of turbines could have this potential barrier effect in the migratory trajectories.