Fact Checked - Book Review

Reality Checked Life through Death, is a moving tale about finding meaning in a world of suffering and needless hate based on the color of skin. Theologist, Victor Waller and former school teacher has involved lots of lifes problems through the lives of his people have been required to make choices in impossible situations. Bias, revenge and hate are widespread in this book. Domestic abuse and the dangers hidden within our societys foster care system are also addressed.

There is just one major character Catherine Brown along with a variety of supporting characters. Catherine matures beneath the awful threat of racism - which many use just being an reason to hurt still another human. Actually, her father and uncle were orphaned at a very young age via a racist attack. As concerns of her fathers alleged infidelity enforces her parents claims that she is being poisoned the fairy-tale romance of her parents slid away. Never truly knowing the truth, Catherine stumbles through her childhood and into adulthood.

Unfortunately, a disturbed person brutally murders her household and Catherine is incarcerated for many years and pulled away by the authorities. She survived the harsh environment through the friendship of their hunger and her cellmate for revenge.

As an old woman, Catherine is free in the bars of her prison. Her human anatomy is currently her jailer it is found that she inherited her mothers strange illness. Thinking she'd no family remaining alive, Catherine is surprised when she's invited to a family re-union. That reunion proves to be one of Catherines greatest problems. She is contacted by a person in the past, as she seeks to fix the family discord and her chance for revenge is handed to her on a silver platter. If you are concerned by the Internet, you will possibly fancy to read about Illinois Cardinals Seats u2013 Keep Using Them, As This Group Is On The Rise | DLF IPL.

Victor Waller has established an essential and significant history in Fact Checked. In-fact, the task is well called. To discover more, people may check out: here's the site. The novel provokes the reader to question their own choices in life - and perhaps, to produce several of the depressed internal voices which influence their decisions.

I give this 377 page story the very best of ratings without any hesitation, what-so-ever.'

ISBN#: 0976498103

Author: Victor Waller

Publisher: Turn Key Media.