6MBI15GS-060 Fuji Electric Power Transistor Module

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Let Fuji Electric Power Transistor Module 6MBI15GS-060 boost the power of your welding machines. Known as one of the best transistor modules today, 6MBI15GS-060 has been proven to enhance both light and heavy applications. 6MBI15GS-060 weighs 5.34 lbs with a collector current of 15A and a collector emitter voltage of 600V.


Whether the application is used by professional welders, gasoline welders or market welders, 6MBI15GS-060 can give a huge contribution to the task. It has a compact single inline package, ensuring a complete set of components.


Fuji 6MBI15GS-060 has a strong module construction that improves its durability to last for a long time. It can operate when exposed to extreme temperatures, even as high as 125 oC.


With the unique features, 6MBI15GS-060 is also highly flexible to offer advantages to other applications like UPS, motor drive inverters and other industrial machines!