Increasing Kitchen Organization and Storage

Increasing Kitchen Organization and Storage

Kitchens are the center of a home, and because so much time is spent there, kitchens are in constant need of updates.  The longer homeowners reside in one home, the more updates a kitchen requires.  On top of that, stuff quickly accumulates and can cause a need for additional space in a kitchen.  Kitchen organization is essential for keeping your kitchen as functional as possible.  As much as you might want to update your kitchen with stainless steel appliances or new countertops, consider first updating storage and organization.  Here are some tips to increasing organization and storage in your kitchen to make it meet all of your needs.

Importance of pantry organization

Pantries are notorious for becoming a home for unnecessary clutter. Purchase organization tools such as baskets, canisters and bins to help keep your pantry as organized as possible.  Label bins and canisters so they have a purpose, and group similar storage bins, baskets and canisters together to create an organized look as well as make items easy to find.  Go even further by updating your pantry with stylish contact paper on the shelves that works well with the style of baskets, bins and canisters that you have.

Increasing cabinet space

There never seems to be enough cabinet space in a kitchen, no matter how large it is.  Stacking and stuffing items into cabinets and cupboards can create the illusion that you need more space, but really all you need is a little organization.  Buy stacking and other types of racks to keep your pots, pans and lids organized as well as create more space.  If you need more high cupboard space, consider putting spices in a drawer and labeling the lids so they are easy to access.  Be creative, and you will be amazed how much space you can find without adding more.

Additions to consider

Once your drawer and cupboards are organized, if you determine that more space is necessary, consider installing drawers underneath your cupboards to store pans and other items that will help open up space without expanding your kitchen.  Pullout drawers are another way to help keep your kitchen items organized as well as make your life easier.

Increasing counter space

Counter space is a must, and they can easily become cluttered with appliances, canisters and other kitchen items.  Consider installing cabinets that can house appliances, and allow them to be easily accessed when needed.  You might also consider customizing drawers to house items that usually take up counter space such as a drawer with knife slots.  Drill a hook underneath one of your hanging cabinets to act as a banana hanger and open up counter space.  Increasing counter space might increase your motivation to cook because you will have more room to spread out and work, which we all need at times!
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