I have no problems about the quality of the components

I have no problems about the quality of the components. meizu mx5 The cup seems strong, and the plastic material structure is strong and constructed firmly. The back spend connects strongly and the joints are even all the way around. There's nothing cheap about it. Typical for an LG device, there are no control buttons or manages on the front. The T2 depends on software control buttons for getting the Android working system os. The quantity and energy control buttons are placed on the back area in a group that has become a characteristic of latest LG styles. The Honor 2 changes up this key design a little bit, and I like it. From a efficient viewpoint, it is the same: the brought up energy key distinguishes the two indented quantity toggles. With other LG mobile phones, a huge gap in the back cover shows the key group. But with the T2, the key group is part of the back spend. This gives the T2's group a better, more smooth look. The control buttons work very well. The relatively little size is quite nice.With a 4.5-inch screen, the T2's impact is comfortable for those with huge and little hands as well.
I had no trouble having and using it.The phone has nearly similar measurements to meizu m2 note review last year's Honor, and it is exactly the same at 4.9 oz..At 10.9mm dense it boundaries on large, but more compact mobile phones are generally wider in order to provide all the necessary innards.You can still slide it into pouches with ease.