My marvelous trip around the world

My marvelous trip around the world

As you know, the greatest journey starts with a small step over the threshold of your house. And even the journey around the world starts just like that. When I decided to take this first little step and start planning my itinerary, I was sure I would have unforgettable experiences and bright memories to recall for the rest of my life. So I took my deserved vacation at work and started thinking over my trip. 

The itinerary. My first step was to figure out where I wanted to go. That was 

a bit of a problem because I wanted to go everywhere. Every country was as 

attractive to me as hell, so the choice was quite difficult. After giving this situation 

a good thought, I decided on the plan. It will be Moscow-Paris-London-Bangkok-

Singapore-Sydney-Los Angeles. Not much for the first time, but enough for my 

money limit. So the first step was over and now I need to plan all elements of this 


A translator. I am from Sweden. Well, I can speak English quite well (I 

think so) but unfortunately I cannot say the same about residents of Russia or 

France. As for Frenchmen, they actually hate this language. So I needed a good 

translator at least for these countries and as for the others, I would try to struggle 

with the terrible accents of English in each of them. 

Easier said than done. I searched many different websites until I could find a 

reliable and not very expensive one, at least at first sight.

I registered there, which was quite easy and fast  compared to other similar websites I went through these days,

and started looking. 

The choice was amazing. I do not know if I could manage it myself when I got a 

request from Aleksey, a translator from Russia. He could speak Swedish quite 

well and promised to be on time when my plane would land in Russia. By myself I 

found Jack, a translator from France and I sighed with relief. This step was over. 

A guide. I may brag I am a good traveler. But to tell the truth, I believe that 

travelling with the guide is much beneficial in a way of getting a good idea of the 

culture and country, its architecture, customs, traditions. So I «foretasted» 

researching of a website for this purpose again. Lucky for me, Aleksey (with 

whom I chatted quite a lot those days) drew my attention to the fact, that this site I 

found translators , has also a good alternative of guides 

because in fact it was specialized in it. That really made my life much easier. I 

found a good guide for Paris, and as for Moscow, Aleksey promised to show me 

around. It was his native city. I was happy because I saved some good money this 

way. This step was over too.

Booking tickets. When all extra arrangements were over, the last thing to do 

was to book the tickets and hotels for every place I would stay in. That was very 

easy compared to what I had already done. I used the services of the websites for 

booking the plane tickets and reserved the rooms in hotels. Check!

My trip. If I told you every single thing I enjoyed during my trip around 

the world, it would take me hours. In short, I could say it 

was…UNFORGETTABLE. I visited all the places I wanted, tried to speak English 

with native speakers and taught some little Swedish tricks my friend Aleksey and 

my French translator Jack. They were quite professional and I did have a good idea 

of Moscow and Paris, with much of details. Aleksey was not only an experienced 

translator, but also a wonderful guide. I even did not want to leave, but I 

promised him to come back and invited him to Sweden, where such professionals 

as Aleksey were quite required. So when I came back home, I was full of 

emotions, pictures, fantastic feelings which I got during my travelling. And that 

was totally worth it.