Things To Know Where To Stay In Uruguay In Your Wine Tours

Things To Know Where To Stay In Uruguay In Your Wine Tours

Despite being South America's smallest country and blocked between the giants of Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay should not be hidden. Uruguay is a great travel destination not only for its small size and relatively short distances between attractions but also for its diversity. This is a country that attracts all the tourists around the world to its awesome beaches and elegant restaurants and nightclubs as well as the traveler looking for peace and quiet in Uruguay's countryside.


Uruguay is an excellent holiday destination for visitors who enjoy sightseeing, offering an excess of attractions that might be deemed eye-candy or precious photo album material. Colonia and Montevideo are generally considered the best places to head for interesting visual material, both of them offering striking landmarks and old buildings of historic importance. Punta Del Este often gets dismissed as just a beach destination but it has its fair share of interesting sights also.


In spite of its relatively small size, this peaceful country offers a diverse range of experiences. Before choosing your Uruguay wine tour Where To Stay In Uruguay Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, is the cultural heartland of the country, while historic Colonia is among the most delightful colonial towns. Beyond the beautiful sandy beaches and exclusive resorts that are popular during the summer months, find coastal nature reserves and wetlands. Meanwhile, the interior encompasses grassy plains and cattle ranches, as well as vineyards producing excellent local wines. Stays can be arranged at traditional estancias and ranches. Check out more on this video @


With an abundance of friendly, well-kept hostels, eco-camping grounds and guest houses, and comfortable hotels, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding accommodation in Uruguay. Here THE WINE EXPERIENCE offers every one the comfort towards all the visitors. We offer excess of options for WHERE TO STAY IN URUGUAY. Luxury hotels with every facility are available in Montevideo. One can also find hotels catering to the mid range and budget travelers. What experience you are looking for with a custom trip, whether you want more time at the beach, wine-tasting, bird-watching, horseback riding, or hiking, and we can put together a personalized and authentic travel experience in Uruguay.


Uruguay is a colorful land with amazing opportunities to uncover a diverse South American culture. Travel to this small country in South America for a relaxing vacation and experience the wonder of Uruguay. Get more information by visiting our blog page @