Womens Denim Jeans Manufacturer Help Them Show Their Curves


Women are as much comfortable in live-in denims, as much as men are. They too carry themselves with attitude donning the torn and worn out look, and challenge men to counter their looks. When it comes to wear denims as the everyday, easy to travel, and easy to work attire, both women as well as men, prefer the stretch variety. As part of an addition to the modern fabric, the stretch fabric plays a lead role when it comes to comfort. Women love to show off their lovely curves in the figure hugging jeans. With the advent of the stretch denim, the showing off has become comfortable business as well.


Check list for quality

If you are looking at Womens Denim Jeans Manufacturer of quality, you can run a few clauses to fit the bill. Most leading manufacturers will have a one roof facility to manufacture both fabric, as well as the final product. Their arrangement of in-house supply of materials from manufacture to finish takes care of the quality too. While they will be using the best of yarns for manufacture of the fabric, the color that they use is also at par with international standards. Starting from the fabric make to the finished product, everything is automated but checked manually too.


CAD To Customize Designs

The cuts and designs can vary according to your order, as per the demands of fashion. Be it the figure hugging low and lean waist, or the straight cut for a conventional look, in house designer can improvise designs using CAD. The quality of the Denim fabrics manufacturers is controlled at intermediate levels of manufacturing. The employment of fabric testing methods in stages is compliant with international standards. Segregating and sorting according to types and rolls, common shades and quality are put together to create lots for the systematic dispatch of fabric or using them for finished jeans.


Set to international standards

The pre-stitching phase too is controlled by checking patterns and marks which is again followed by post cutting and ticketing checks. The roaming checkers would be available for conducting checks to ensure uniform quality. The use of automated pocket hemmers, setters, welting and button setting machines will ensure that the products have quality accessories. The same thumb rule will also apply in case of Non Denim Fabrics Manufacturer who is in the business of in-house garment making. The non-denim fabrics too confirm to quality and standardization test before they are packaged for supply or used to make garments.


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Vivaa Trade is leading Denim fabrics manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in India produced wide range of Denim Fabrics in various colors and designs.