Who do you think reports the most honest news CNN, MSNBC, FOX

I vote for CNN. Fox and MSNBC hold little creditability with me. BBC is good, but it does not offer the domestic perspective that I am looking for on a day-to-day basis.


CNN presents the financial news in an understandable manner. I find most of the financial reporters to be objective enough to be acceptable by my journalistic-trained mind.


They are not perfect. Reporting financial news is hard. As a reporter, I covered governmental bodies, crime news, feature stories, etc. Covering financial news is difficult. It is probably the hardest part of news to find complete objectivity, mainly because there are so many subjective nuances impacting the economic news. Telling me the Dow is up or down is easy, as is telling me the unemployment figures. However, explaining that the Dow is up, but it is up only because a certain company had a successful IPO while some major long-standing companies only had a so-so day, requires a limited amount of subjectivity. Newsroom Graphics software for integration using Avid iNews with regard to its

daily, eighteen hour sport news channel.In other words, it is hard to stop explaining why you are reporting the story that you are hearing.

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