Adrian Peterson Reconstructs Contract amidst Issues

Last July 22, 2015, Minnesota Vikings has announced that they are to reconstruct NFL’s running back Adrian Peterson contract after a controversial 9 months hiatus from the field.


Adrian Peterson’s restructured contract with the Vikings has finally been entered into the NFLPA’s system.


It is reviewed that the new three-year deal gives Peterson $20 million guaranteed with a cash value of $42 million and a max value of $44 million. His old deal had a max value of $46 million.


Last year was full of issues for the 31-year-old Peterson when he was sued for child abuse for allegedly beating his 4-year old son. It can also be remembered that last 2012, another one of Peterson’s son, a two-year old little kid whom he wasn’t able to know until a week before his death, was abused and murdered by his mother’s live-in partner. Peterson’s group of legal counsel has managed to uplift his case as he returns back to his fans locally and internationally. He is also a well-known running back that he even has a fan-base in Jakarta, Indonesia and Hong Kong.


In an interview with ESPN, they stated that the new deal this 2015 gives him a guaranteed base salary of $11 million with a roster bonus of $2 million to be paid next Tuesday. But in Peterson’s old deal, his base salary would have become guaranteed if he was on the team for the season opener, and he would have been. So either way, the running back will earn $13 million this season.


 The question regulating now is if Peterson would still be the same player he was now that he is back in the game? Missing all but one game in the last season is a big deal to many players. The long absence from the action scene can affect his health and condition but according to many sources, Peterson has shown a good record even while training.


Viking general manager, Rick Spielman, stated in an interview that there is nothing to be worried about as they continuously ignore warnings of deteriorating skills.


Spielman said, "As we have consistently said, Adrian is a valuable part of the Vikings organization and we look forward to his return to the field."


Upon his return, Peterson is considered as the highest paid running back in the league. But the talk of money isn’t in the player’s mind although it is a big factor in his comeback.