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Wake feeling ready to enjoy a great day once you relax with the Therapedic Cooling Gel and FOAM Pillow. And since I know sleeping hot on foam is a concern folks have, I have asked customers to address this in their reviews - to tell us if it was a concern of theirs, and when so did it grow to be a problem.

Of these 68 reviews, 42 said that the Healthy Foundations 10” FOAM Mattress did not sleep scorching, 13 said it was slightly warm at first, but that they adjusted or the warmth was not an issue, and 4 reviewers solved their own heat issues with a change in mattress covers or blankets.

Bottom line - Of 381 reviewers of the Healthy Foundations 10” FOAM Mattress gel mattress reviews we viewed, only 9, or 2.3%, said it slept warm, and just 2 - or less than 1% - returned it due to their feeling sizzling on the mattress.

So while there is a lot of talk on the market about memory foam sleeping hot, inside our case predicated on our customers actual encounter on our bed (and all are posting reviews after sleeping on our bed for at the very least 3 months), the truth is the vast majority of reviewers simply didn't find that sleeping hot was basically an issue.

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