Re-discovering Love and Intimacy


Wendy started therapy with me because Terence, her husband of 1-4 years, had just expressed to her he wished to end their relationship. Click here instantly ageless to read how to allow for it. Wendy, terrified to be alone, was panicked. In just a few minutes of speaking with her in a telephone session, I understood the main reason for their relationship problems.

Wendy, coming from a family where she experienced much neglect, had a strong abandonment fear. In her household, Wendy had learned to become a caretaker, giving himself up and caring for everyone elses feelings and needs. Wendy had learned to put her own thoughts in a cabinet, hoping that when she took care of everybody else, some-one could care about her. As an adult, she continued in this design, taking care of her husband and children but completely failing to simply take care of himself. Consequently, she was often very angry at Terence and her children if they didnt pay attention to her or approve of her.