Can-a Prize Become A Failure?

Can-a Prize Become A Failure?

The next is a bit like the health warning on the pack...

To be motivational, reward and recognition has to be appropriate in the eye of the recipient. Tickets for the big game are good if you enjoy sport. If you do not enjoy sport but you would like the value of the tickets to invest on something different instead, your prize just became another task; trying to sell the tickets. While they could be an easy task to offer on to another person, the inspirational border has been reduced slightly.

These is just a bit like the health warning on a pack of cigarettes. That small compilation of religious dilemmas shows what may happen if you target an inappropriate reward on a person with certain strong beliefs. That's not saying this will be the case for everybody in that sub-group of mankind but still a little care and attention to detail may go a long way.

Most religions are becoming tolerant and more flexible in their view on what their followers may or may not do inside their day-to-day lives; however there are still a couple of taboos that it'd be worth reminding yourself about.


For anyone of the Jewish persuasion are food based on the pig and any reference to the holocaust, Nazi Germany or World War 2 the favorite taboos always cited. Seemingly pork and bacon are not the matter they was once but, it pays to ask. The use of the Nazi swastika emblem is clearly illegal in some countries however the atrocities of the World War 2 live on in the minds of the Jewish people and should not be increased, even yet in fun.

References to non-Jewish celebrations such as Easter and Christmas are also slightly insulting for some, although not all, Jews.


Chicken meat may also be a problem for followers of Islam. It falls under some principles named Halal, laid down by the Islamic faith. To research more, please consider checking out: Strictly speaking, any food-stuff that contains fats or byproducts of pig meat is going to be banned. Moreover many of them won't drink alcohol, so that free wine bottle will just lay on a ledge. Apparently vanilla quality, which will be produced using alcohol can be considered Halal; therefore no vanilla ice-cream either.


It is only the Christians who may be hurt by inappropriate gestures, although a lot of people consider themselves to be Christians. Dig up new information on Sheik Halal Farms Now Selling Halal Chicken by browsing our disturbing wiki. Problems like nudity, sex, homosexuality and profanity could be acceptable to the majority of adults but a practicing Christian is likely to be not just ashamed but perhaps insulted far more than the average person.


Hinduism has a history of refusing to eat meat as they view it because the unnecessary killing of a useful animal. Several Hindus eat a mainly vegetarian diet and will even avoid lamb, veal, pig, fish, chicken and dairy products. To get alternative interpretations, people might want to check-out: Sheik Halal Farms Now Selling Halal Chicken.

Profanity and nudity are intensely censored in Hindu culture. They're less tolerant compared to average western group. Discover further on our affiliated article directory - Navigate to this URL:

In general, it appears, food could be a bit of a hot-potato making an impromptu company barbecue somewhat difficult..