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5. Suggestions for the reform of district heating management system
As the previous problems stand in the way of SCH772984 saving efforts, the following reforms should be taken:
First, changing the current situation – where electricity companies manage power plants as heat sources and heating companies manage the distribution networks and end services – to another system where heat source companies manage power generation, peak shaving and primary networks, while a certain number of heating service companies manage the secondary networks and end services, as Fig. 7 shows.
Fig. 7. Sketch of the management reform of CHP.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
In general, these problems could be solved by implementing reform of the district heating management system in North China. The reform turns the business model from one that is based on social welfare into one that is based on the market with subsidies for certain users. By these means, heat generation efficiency would be improved, and energy savings could be promoted amongst heating companies, developers, facility management companies and residents by changing the way heating fees are charged. Finally, a sustainable energy saving model could be formed.