In also came into operation the first positive

In 1994, also came into operation the first positive AZD1208 house (plusenergiehaus) called Heliotrope. The house built in Freiburg im Breisgau was designed by the architect Rolf Disch. This was the first house in which the amount of energy produced was greater than that consumed. The technologies implemented in the building used energy entirely provided by renewable sources [33].
In 1995 W.Feist developed the Passive House standard based on the experience of construction and operation of the first house built in Darmstadt. The Passive House Institute founded in 1996 and led by F. Feist started to promote the standard and set out clear requirements.
The intelligent building concept has started emerging since 1980 when several buildings gradually integrated the control of various equipment and systems. Initially, the automated systems implemented in buildings were dedicated separately to each machine [34] and later their complexity was capable to control multiple systems. Today, a fluid-mosaic single system integrates the capability to monitor and control the security, the heating, the air conditioning and the electricity systems. The latest developments led to the implementation of monitoring and control by wireless systems and internet.