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After reading this paper, the question on how the buildings could be conceived remains. First of all, available standards for the buildings will not be seen only as a given thing or as axioms that should only be followed in design. It is prepared the ground to look at them also as a natural LDN 57444 in time in terms of requirements, challenges, multi-disciplinary expansion and effect of technological eclecticism. There are also selected methods that are taken into account in the today designs in order to improve the efficiency and the predictability of the designed system. A more balanced design is capable to incorporate more heterogeneous blocks that interact among them under diverse causalities generated by evolution in time or specific functionality.
This is a qualitative and quantitative evolution of the design principle for a system that is considered not only on an average state, but also depending on the characteristics in time of the weather evolution, dynamic response of the systems etc. Also the evolution of the building design in the context of the progress of general science and technology can be seen. It is important to know what was necessary and useful to be imported from the discoveries of a given time. Future standards become easier to define because the trend of the present could be judged easily after the dedication to study the fervency of the scientific world, of the international organizations, of the markets and of the beneficiary.