The Program ldquo Light for All rdquo has also

The use of Danoprevir combustor modules (furnace+gasifier) coupled with a small Stirling engine for electricity generation in isolated communities has also been studied for the Amazon region [48]. Such a system for generating electricity on a small scale (9 kW) was proposed: the “Amazon motor”. The tests revealed problems with ash depositions that limited the power output, though the technical and economical performance of commercial Stirling biomass motors (3 kW output at an equipment cost of 32,000 USD) were not achieved [49]. In general, the Stirling engine is about twice as expensive compared to a diesel engine of the same power, but the operating costs are much lower as it uses local biomass waste.
5.2. Biofuels and vegetable oils
The cost of transporting diesel fuel to isolated Amazon communities doubles its selling price compared to large centers. The production cost of palm oil stands at less than half the price of diesel. The low implementation cost of this biofuel, compared to other renewable alternatives, can offset the cost of maintenance of the engines, which can be reduced with the use of a convenient oil cleaning system.