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Several studies have reported on BIPV system installations [34] and [35], where the available roof surface area is treated as an input parameter. The available surface for PV installations is the built-up area, and can be evaluated by means of maps of the land use (i.e. Corine Land Cover, of the European Environment Agency [36]). Methodologies for assessing the available roof surface have recently been suggested. For this M344 purpose, a first methodology based on crossed-processing and sampling of various GIS data was presented and applied to Spain in 2008 [37]. It is Triassic Period also worth mentioning other recent papers discussing similar approaches with applications to several locations [38] and [39]. In particular, in the work of Nguyen and Pearce [40] a semi-automatic and easy to upgrade algorithm for solar photovoltaic potential is proposed, also considering terrain and near surface shadowing effects for analyses conducted on a municipal scale (Kingstone, Ontario). The latter approach is based on the free software GRASS [41] and [25] and r.sun [21] and [22].