Waves are the most well known symbol of ocean

Global MLN 8054 demand in the last half century has rapidly increased and is expected to continue to grow over the next five decades, and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting climate change have a serious effect on the global economy. Without decisive action, increased oil demand will heighten concerns over the security of supplies and energy-related emissions of CO2 will more than double by 2050. In this case, low-carbon energy technologies in energy generation play an important role. In order to reach our greenhouse gas emission goals, we must promote broad deployment of energy efficiency, CO2 capture and storage, nuclear power and new transport technologies. Co-generation technology is considered as one option that contributes substantially to energy efficiency, including through district heating and cooling networks. Furthermore, renewable energy technologies will have to play a crucial role in this goal. For this reason, renewable energy sources have become an increasingly attractive alternative to domestic oil and gas consumption.