Instead of the easily extractible sugars starches or oils mentioned

With the development of both plant biology and biotechnology, ENMD-2076 has undergone rapid improvement within the last four generations. The current review summarized the different generations in Fig. 3. Natural plants are one of the main components in the first generation of biomass. These green plants include all land based vegetation, for instance, trees and crops. Among plants, crops are the main kind of first generation biomass, because of the high content of sugarcane with bioethanol and biodiesel being the typical targets [10] and [11]. As first generation biofuels, one gene are known for their manifold of problems, which have negatively impacted food prices by the utilization of grains, such as corn and canola. In some cases of the conversion of first generation bioproducts were produced, even products with negative carbon balance, which did not reduce the greenhouse gases much [12].
Fig. 3. Four generations of biomass.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide