Category of facial mask

You will familiar when we say facial mask. And I think you would say that I buy lots of from skincare products supplier in China for my beauty. However, do you know the answer if I ask you about the category of facial mask? We should choose the right facial mask according to our facial traits.


First type is tearing and strip type mask. The main ingredient is a polymer gel, water and alcohol, clean the same principles and mud paste type, but also through increased skin temperature, promote blood circulation and metabolism. We should tear from top to bottom avoiding the eyes, eyebrow, and hairline into the skin around the lips. Does not contain moisturizers, not suitable for dry skin, peel away the way is not suitable for sensitive skin. We can buy this kind of product from facial masks wholesale manufacturer. Next is gel-type mask. The gel-type mask alkali cleaning agent into the surfactant removed, then adds some maintenance component, becomes gel-type mask of maintenance. Which only added to the water-soluble transparent skin care ingredients, more suitable for oily skin, opaque added ingredients are drier skin can be used, applied to have a certain thickness, be sure to cover the pores, in order to better function.


Beauty is not just coming from one aspect, some customers would choose drink something for the slim body shape. It is another way to buy tea products from China health protection tea supplier for the slim body.