Highlights the shortcomings of road targeted traffic LED show

LED display(variable message sign) inside the application in the road transport sector, displaying the way for the accelerated pace of info technologies. With its unique LED show brightness, lengthy life, higher reliability positive aspects, could be made use of in road transport targeted traffic tips, marketing push, public information and facts released in the same time increasingly well-known, quite a bit with the similar ills.


Initial of all, easy to interfere together with the driver, influence driving. Road website traffic with LED show is actually a typical outdoor applications, essentially the most prominent issue that requirements to be light environments, so ensure that the screen content is powerful access of these items call for higher brightness, and evening driving, a large-size LED screen brightness cut down if not treated, it appears like dozens of vehicles of headlights shining opposite the driver, a serious effect on website traffic security.


Moreover, LED(EN12966) show with wealthy colors and dynamic expression is known, as well as the driver line of sight can conveniently be attracted to result in inattention, buried safety threat content material above.


Second, LED display quality challenges. Right after the LED display in road traffic applications, the need to have completely exposed to the outdoor atmosphere, lightning storms as well as other natural infringement, will have an impact around the normal use on the product, and LED show setup on each sides of the road, failure, vendor maintenance reaction fairly slow speed, under such circumstances vulnerable to the adjacent road safety and safety.


So should you use a poor high-quality of your LED show or failed to timely reinforcement, repair and replacement, windy rainstorm hit, may have extremely really serious consequences.


Again, the show shows insufficient content material monitoring. Though the fast improvement of mobile Net, but at present the road visitors LED (speed limit sign)show is updated with all the contents on the majority or the usage of conventional storage devices supporting the player the way, adequate flexibility; and if a network publishing, broadcast content material for productive monitoring is not neglected.


Road LED display broadcast content is very broad audience, in the event the content material of ineffective monitoring, are going to be the government's image and social climate have an particularly terrible influence.


There's no excellent thing, LED (vms)show solution application in road transport is quite broad, it can be no doubt, in use, while avoiding disadvantages tips on how to far better use it, what we most require to do .